Astro LED System

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The Astro LED system is a revolutionary system. The difference with a regular Astro LED Panels is that the LED system is actually able to twinkle. The panels are pre-designed based on Astro®Fiber and LED starry sky lighting, which can easily be placed into standard ceiling systems. The result is an amazing, cosy starry sky, in which the panels can be connected to 1 or more centrally placed sources of light. The source could also be installed in a separate place.

Click here to become inspired by some of our starry skies.


  • Plug & Play
  • Completely pre-installed
  • Minimal depth required for installation
  • Quick and easy installation
  • The Astro LED starry skies can easily be removed if necessary
  • The Astro LED starry skies can easilly be expanded or adjusted
  • Long lifespan
  • Light bulbs are available in white or warm white or different colours
  • LED lighting does not produce heat or sound
  • When switched off, starry skies are almost invisible
  • LED Starry Sky Panels are available in several different colours
  • Astro LED starry sky panels create a pleasant atmosphere in shops, clubs, casinos, hotels, cinemas, conference rooms, etcetera


AstroRLEDPanels are available in three standard sizes

  1. Panel: 60x60cm – 8 or 15 light bulbs
  2. Panel: 60x120cm – 15 or 30 light bulbs
  3. Panel: 120x120cm – 30 or 60 light bulbs
Astro LED systeem