Images of projects

On this page you find several images of projects where the products of LIGHTcreations are installed. Take your time and have a look at the possibilties of LED lighting. Would you like to know more about our products? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to help.

Van der Valk LED strip2016-09-07T19:05:55+02:00
Starry sky toilet2016-09-07T18:55:57+02:00
Starry sky restaurant2016-09-07T18:54:37+02:00
LED Strips bathroom 12016-09-07T18:48:56+02:00
LED strips Blue 22016-09-07T18:47:28+02:00
LED Strips Blue2016-09-07T18:42:51+02:00
LED Strips NH Nieuwe Doelen Amsterdam 42016-09-07T18:35:48+02:00
LED Strips NH Nieuwe Doelen Amsterdam 32016-09-07T18:30:11+02:00
LED Strips NH Nieuwe Doelen Amsterdam 22016-09-07T18:14:54+02:00
LED lighting Claridge Brussel2016-09-07T18:10:49+02:00
Starry sky Claridge Brussel 22016-09-07T18:06:35+02:00
Starry sky Claridge Brussel2016-09-07T18:04:46+02:00
LED photo panel palm tree2016-09-07T17:52:54+02:00
Stretch ceiling LED lighting2016-09-07T17:50:08+02:00
Starry sky swimming pool2016-09-07T17:58:41+02:00
LED Photo panel flower2016-09-07T17:45:33+02:00
LED Ceiling Cloud2016-09-07T17:43:26+02:00
LED Island2016-09-07T17:40:28+02:00
Starry sky Wellness Centre2016-09-07T17:28:24+02:00
Astro LED System2016-09-07T17:29:21+02:00
Starry sky2016-09-07T17:29:56+02:00
LED Photo panel trees2016-09-07T17:30:26+02:00
LED Photopanel2016-09-07T17:30:54+02:00
LED Photopanel (Hospital)2016-09-07T17:31:23+02:00
LED Photopanel (Office)2016-09-07T17:31:56+02:00
LED Photopanel Holland2016-09-07T17:32:24+02:00
LED Stretch ceiling2016-09-07T17:33:34+02:00
Round LED panels2016-09-07T17:34:10+02:00
Square LED panels construction2016-09-07T17:34:43+02:00
Square LED panels2016-09-07T16:53:02+02:00